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Our Philosophy

We're inspired every day to help our customers everywhere–through any program to solve your sensing needs. Our first priority is to listen to our customers, help them define and articulate what they want to accomplish then tailor our services to meet their creative objectives. Our zeal for delivering exceptional customer service drives all that we do.

Our Mission

To help companies choose the correct optical sensing technology, traditional sensing or a hybrid to create a long or short term monitoring systems that match your needs. In today's environment the most current of technologies are in demand to synchronize across multiple formats for the IoT (Internet of Things) into a seamless connected experience that delivers the right message to our smart cities of today.

About Us

ChM4 is an innovative applications company whose goal is to utilize our experience and talent to bring fiber optic monitoring systems to the forefront of any industry seeking to expand their products and services. Through the power of imagination and the integration of diverse optical sensing equipment and products, we offer the most current, state of the art turnkey systems and solutions to an unlimited number of industries and applications.


Missing Pieces of the  Puzzle 


  • Several optical technologies are available but no one company that offers the client a choice of these technologies matched for the application. This is where confusion arises when selecting the correct technology; ChM4 can help in making that choice. When we speak of optical sensing technology, there are many for example interferometry, Brillouin, Ramon, optical imaging and FBG based sensor systems to choose from.The optical sensor market is expected to register a CAGR of 10.87% during the forecast period, 2018 to 2023 to review this marketing report click here . The most attractive aspect is no power is required at the sensor medium with extremely long distances from head end equipment to the optical sensors needing only one control panel or master control rooms. You can multiplex different types of sensors or several optical technologies on one fiber cable better known as a hybrid system. The need to understand correctly ChM4 can consult, match companies with the right products, design systems for the client or turnkey an application with partners experienced in specific applications.

  • Software provided by vendors are great for their instruments but does not give a customer full integration of their needs. In 2007 we started the development of a front end software that encompasses all sensing technologies into one graphical interface lacing everything into one database called IntelliOptics®. In 2014 analytics software was developed for predictive analysis module called Intelli-Insight® which really excited many clients to have a true maintenance and trouble shooting tool. Please see our projects and software sections for more information. 


Message from the CEO Keith Chandler

My team and partners have provided services for fiber optic sensing systems through consulting, training and development of new age optical sensing products since the year 2000. As a key executive in several companies producing optical sensors/equipment expanding a vision and goal for the future of optical passive sensors industry is exciting and rewarding. In the years 1995-2000 I worked with teams developing optical communications (sonet rings) for cities and countries for long and short haul systems eventually leading to optical sensing technologies. Today we have a large untapped optical infrastructure not fully utilized in its capability. We are the first in the United States to prove how you can use in service optical telecommunications fiber or spare unused fiber better known as dark fiber to apply optical sensing technology to its fullest. This is where our staff would like to share with companies how to take advantage of the growing IoT demand in the market today by using passive optical sensors.

We look forward to any sensing technical issue you may have and can schedule web seminars or visit so you can better appreciate our capabilities and help solve your unique challenges.


Keith Chandler

Skype: keith.chandler9



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