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Structural Health Monitoring System for Today's Smart Buildings and Skyscrapers

Summary of Office Building using Optical Sensing Applications


ChM4  believes our smart cities existing or new construction  fiber optic monitoring systems is well suited for sensing systems for infrastructure technologies. The integration of diverse optical sensing equipment and products can bring solutions to many building applications. We will see this need grow rapidly, currently as an example the subway systems in New York city it is mandatory to monitor structures they pass under and is always expanding. Currently traditional technologies are used but have a very limited life and is high maintenance to keep in operation. With optical technologies they have an extremely long life and virtually no maintenance and is a good reason to start this new change in how the IoT of cities are truly integrated.


Listed are a few applications:

  • Evaluate the current state of any structure during and after construction. Earthquake or Environmental severe conditions can be evaluated for safety.

  • Dead load Feed Back

  • Live Load Logistics

  • Vibrations associated with Floor Loading and building natural frequencies.

  • Shear Loading walls monitoring vertically and Horizontal stress. 

  • Wind Loading is critical and can be monitored around the top of building using optical pressure sensors.

  • Critical Foundation monitoring by embedding sensors in the concrete while under construction.

  • Quantify problem areas and determine remediation methods during construction.

  • Monitoring of Seismic Activity and its effects

  • Buildings can be monitored over time to determine surrounding construction of other buildings and or effects of Subway systems.

  • Should a terrorism even happen, fire, or unexpected structural damage emergency services command an control centers can send messages to traffic signals/signs avoidance procedures of an effected area. The appropriate emergency services can be deployed through an automated system.

  • Building Security Systems, tracking movement on floors, doors and sound driven applications

  • HVAC efficiency control of temperature and VAD adjusting based on outer offices

  • Water Line Breaks

  • Gas Line Monitoring

  • Passive pressure and flow gages

  • Equipment AI

  • Building management systems 

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Concept Example


Example of a Real World Application

The Canton Tower in Guangzhou China

 220 are Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) based optical sensors with 140 incorporated into the tower body and 80 used on the antenna (A Luna Project)

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