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Autonomous Vehicles and Smart Cities

ChM4 infrastructure monitoring systems can easily be linked to AI using sensors to enhance road condition warning systems by embedding optics in existing/new roads or bridge super structures to assist DOT's. By linking monitoring systems to AI vehicles for assessments of road repair by transferring information from Vehicles to our monitoring systems, road lighting enhancements, weigh in motion, and road work hazard zones. The optical fiber infrastructure that DOT's already own can be further utilized without increasing the fiber count already in-place. This is only a few of many applications our software can interact  with today and be ready for our future when road volume increases with smart AI vehicles of all types. This is why we invite you to visit our cloud Services page to get a better understanding of our capabilities.



 Cloud Connections works with Car manufacture teams to create AI recommendation engines to provide direction by using AI algorithms to come up with intelligent answers. Currently vehicle manufacturers are looking more toward AI to help people avoid human errors that lead to accidents and road condition warning capabilities. For example AI features safety features linked to automatic braking, alert systems, and collision avoidance systems but will in the future link to structural health monitoring systems for greater levels of safety.   




Connectivity is key for AI applications to be fruitful. AI is also creating a level of connectivity in the automotive industry that promises to bring major benefits to manufacturers and consumers alike. ChM4 experiences can enhance sensing by interacting with AI-enabled features tied to bio-metrics can also help with security in terms of components that enable a vehicles to drive only when it recognizes safety on highways and bridges are in exceptionable conditions to navigate. Powerless transducers over fiber optic networks to check vehicles position relative to GPS, cell towers coordinates tracking and hazardous road construction. Transferring information to smart monitoring systems on bridges/roadways giving weight and location information so the SHMS can gather and analyze these changes over time (making truly smart super structures). AI when monitoring driving conditions to sense weather conditions roadways that has frozen surfaces, optical weigh in motion and  side road truck weigh stations that are economical compared to conventional technology.

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Development Optical Sensing Projects DTS, DSM, DAS and FBG Technologies Possibilities are far Reaching

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