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Consulting and Joint Venture Projects


ChM4 provides consulting to point companies in the right direction when deploying optical sensing systems. This can be in the form of advice or as partners whether its other sensing companies, end clients or companies wanting to break into the optical sensing industry. When first adapting to optical sensing certain experience and knowledge is needed without spending time to search for items to complete a system. This saves time and money till staff is brought up to speed and to make the right choices.

Training is Key to Success


During the course of gaining optical sensing experience for years learning critical techniques for deploying optical systems is the key to success. We have trained our clients which includes university's, industrial companies and DOT's who continue to adapt to the current technologies of today. We have provided training webinars, onsite and our facilities with great success. Please contact us to discuss your discovery of this growing market.    

Turnkey Design and Installation


ChM4 has discovered a variety of applications for passive optical sensing. With staff and partners that consist of structural engineers, electrical and optical experts, project management, installation team, assembly team, software group we can design the optimal system to fit applications based on the clients needs. We use advanced programs such as 3D Cad design, modeling Techniques to develop detailed layouts in order to accurately map out sensor locations and potential trouble areas. We also have expertise in development of optical sensors holding patents providing guidance to several company's in development efforts.  

Software Packages,
Development and Monitoring 


ChM4 provides complete software packages and monitoring services for the fiber optic sensing industry. This involves ongoing monitoring of sensor systems for clients in the cloud or in-house servers. We offer established cloud based systems to host new installations and monitoring services for most clients. This includes analysis of data and transmittal of regular reports to the Customer's based on their requirements. The monitoring system has thresholds set for alarms and dispatches alerts as established in the system. ChM4 also designs custom software based on customer preferences developing simple to complex monitoring centers for any application. Please see our software pages.

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