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I-813 Bridge in Delaware
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I-495 Bridge Section Repair

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Bridge Information and Objective

On June 2, 2014, the bridge over the Christina River was closed after it was discovered that four support columns were tilting 4 degrees to the east. I-495 was closed to traffic between the DE 9A and 12th Street interchanges. DelDOT officials at first said that the bridge would remain closed indefinitely. They later announced plans to have the southbound side of the bridge reopen by Labor Day, with the northbound side to follow by late September 2014. The southbound lanes reopened on July 31, a month earlier than expected, and the northbound lanes reopened on August 23, 2014. During the closure, traffic was detoured onto I-95, and several major roads in the Wilmington area experienced increased traffic congestion.

DelDOT contracted Pennoni / iis to instrument the I-495 bridge section under repair due to a 4 degree lean of the bridge with a series of tilt meters for long term public safety and to monitor during repairs. DelDot requested the IntelliOptics SHM software previously used on the New Indian River Inlet Bridge implemented for long term monitoring. Pennoni contracted Cleveland Electric Labs and ChM4 implemented IntelliOptics software a cloud based system for its sophisticated abilities to produce automated reports and warning system based on Pennoni's protocols for monitoring of super structures. ChM4 is contracted by DelDOT to maintain the IntelliOptics software for both IRIB and I-495 currently.    

I-495 Bridge Closure

I-495 Bridge Reopening

I-495 Bridge Model for use in IntelliOptics to locate Sensors

I-495 Bridge

I-495 Bridge Zone Layout


IntelliOptics structural health monitoring software, developed by ChM4 is a powerful, user-friendly interface that collects data from multiple sensor types and displays status information via one centralized program. Please Click on each page for a closer view. Also see our software section for more information and our Intelli-Insight predictive analysis module for maintenance of critical structures.

495-zone summary.jpg

 (Pennoni / IIS) installed 48 Geokon tilt sensors and 24 temperature Sensors.  

Repair Construction
Wall Level Difference N and S
New and Temp Piers
Load Test after Repairs
Side View of New Piers and Temporary Supports
I495 drawing showing 4 degree tilt
column tilt shown
Safety Steel Cable Straps between Columns
column tilt shown 1
foundation cracks

Structural health monitoring sharing pictures of 4 degree tilt showing physical tilt and repair construction taking place. 

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