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Small Bridge Periodic Health Monitoring Systems

PSHM Summary

Smaller Bridges are federally designated as essential components of our nation's transportation and economic infrastructure and requires programs to manage these assets.  ChM4 has developed a program looking to implement these state by state. With the IoT (internet of things) implemented for smart cities now and in the future to control this essential infrastructure. The optical sensors are passive and require no power and would be permanently installed. This would facilitate using a portable handheld optical interrogator with cellular capabilities that would transfer this information to a centralized State IntelliOptics® Cloud database system. Contact us for more information and description of the system components used to implement these unique systems.  

Small Bridge Periodic Structural Health Monitoring (PSHM) Program ChM4

Smaller bridges serve as vital transportation links affecting daily activities of our society.

  • Agriculture, commerce, school bus and overload

  • routes. Most bridge inspections currently depend on trained judgement and on-site observations. 

  • Static and dynamic stress and vibration modes are key parameters of bridge structural health

  • Legacy inspection methods are subjective and cannot effectively measure stress and vibration.

  • Determinations of load ratings often use assumptions that lead to overly-conservative weight restrictions, and potentially unwarranted detours.

  • Periodic Structural Health Monitoring (PSHM)enables measurement of static / dynamic stress and vibration during on-site inspections.

  • A cost-effective and efficient solution for determining the structural integrity of smaller bridges.

  • Optically-based sensing is immune to electrical interference, lightning, and the effects of corrosion

  • PSHM enables data-driven decisions on maintenance and actual load ratings.

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